Progressive Jackpots—Progressively Benefiting Players

Take a moment to imagine… What if you could play a slots game where your jackpot winnings would be the accumulation of a multitude of other players' bets and bids? What if you could benefit from a jackpot-prize with an amount that skyrockets higher every minute as a whole host of individual players contributed to that same pot? That's precisely what you can enjoy when you play progressive jackpots! There are so many progressive jackpot games out there waiting for you. You can find a whole slew of them at many top-online casinos!

The progressive jackpot games are set up by connecting a large number of game machines (in traditional casinos) or online games (in the online casinos) to a single jackpot prize, with all of the players in the running for that prize, which jumps skyward even while you watch. Casinos recognize the value of drawing ever-increasing number of players with the large pots and the excitement and drama of the progressive game—and players benefit from the casinos' willingness to put a portion of their own profits into those crowd-drawing pots. It's definitely a win for the players, who can score enormous jackpot prizes without any additional cost incurred on their own part. For those who enjoy skill-based games, the excitement of playing a smart hand of poker can be increased exponentially by the added incentive of the "extra" jackpot connected to progressive jackpot play.

The currently popular games online include blackjack, video versions of casino table games, and video poker, as well as an astonishing array of slot-style games. And with the introduction of online casinos, and even mobile apps for players' smartphones or mobile devices, the enjoyment of casino play and progressive jackpots can extend into any venue. You can play from home, you can play from your phone, and you can hit a mega-jackpot from anywhere at all! From the comfort of your home computer or the convenience of a pocket-sized device, your favorite progressive jackpot games are never more than a minute away.

The hot slot games feature themes which add to the fun of playing (after all, it's never "just" about the betting) with adventurous topics that let players enjoy virtual scuba diving, surfing, jungle exploration, treasure hunting, gold mining, and other forms of role play. Games that currently top the hot-slots-list include Jackpot Pinatas, Aladdin's Lamp, FormulaX Grand, Major Millions, King Cashalot, Mega Moolah, and Beach Life. Not only are these among the most popular, but they're currently providing the highest payouts, sometimes up in the millions, and all of them averaging in at least the hundreds of thousands.

If you're interested in researching payout-statistics, you can watch the real-time statistics for various games or game categories, and you'll see that there are winners every minute, some of them with mind-blowing jackpots. But of course the game only pays IF you play… So why hesitate? Progressive jackpots are built to benefit players. The "house" benefits only indirectly from the increased play that results from the attraction of the mega-jackpots—the real winners with progressive jackpots are the players, who can tap into those jackpots with the games they already enjoyed playing. Try out a progressive jackpot games aplenty at JackpotCity or Spin Palace!