High Rollers and VIP Players in Online Casinos– Protecting VIPs from Rogue Casinos

It was only a matter of time before Rogue casinos would pop-up online and entice regular and VIP players to spend money with them. Some of these sites are slipping through unnoticed. Others, however, are being caught and checked out. There is one site that you can access to check for reported problems by other high-roller players – go to Real Time Gaming and see if there is any information about them. A reputable and trustworthy online casino would be 888 Casino.

Currently, Real Time Gaming is the only organization deliberately seeking out new online casinos and checking their licenses. This makes perfect sense. Real Time Gaming is a financial facility that transfers funds from your bank account to a eWallet that is connected to any given casino of your choice. In their business interest in adding casinos to their list of customer's, they have discovered that some are not accredited.

RTG has developed a list and updates it consistently. The casinos that are on the list advertise that they have high roller/VIP clubs for elite players. They have them classified as accredited, rogue land, caution recommended, rogue, or not yet reviewed. Only those that they tag "rogue" are definitely fake online casinos. Those that are tagged caution and rogue land are those who are not responding in a timely manner with the information or evidence of licenses and accreditation.

US online casinos in the U.S. can be reported to the Law Vegas Gaming Commission even if they are not based in Vegas. The commission will forward these notifications to the proper authority and an investigation will be launched immediately. Before a decision is reached by a U.S. gaming board, a notice is attached to the online casino's site stating that there are reports that players have not been paid winnings and the staff has not returned calls. Take these warnings seriously.

There are casinos in every nation that are rogue. For your own protection, it is imperative that if an online casino does not pay you for small winnings in a prompt manner that you report them to the gaming commission in their country. It is not limited to one country. Unless the financial facilities and online players report a problem, these casinos will continue to defraud players. If you cannot reach a gaming commission that can help you, contact RTG, ask them to list, and review the casino that concerns you. RTG is the largest facility for transferring funds to eWallets in the world and they can reach more players than any of the other facilities. If you know which financial faculty your eWallet is supported by, contact them as well.

While its true that every player that is subjected to a rogue casino is hurt, those who are playing with $300,000 to $500.000 in a matter of a few months can make a thief undeservedly rich. We all need to take the time to protect our own money when playing online and contribute in every way to make online gaming a safe and enjoyable experience for all. Right now, we say: Thank you to Real Time Gaming for their never-ending efforts at protecting the High Rollers and future VIPs from these rogues.